The aim of the alpina Smart home is simple: to make your home and daily life more efficient, more comfortable and safer. With the help of the alpina Smart home range, you can turn your home into a smart home in no time. All smart products can be remotely controlled with the alpina Smart home app. This way you can leave your home every day with an easy mind.
Wide product range

The alpina Smart home product range is broad and can be used in different ways. For example, alpina has Wi-Fi cameras, smart light bulbs, doorbells with camera, smart plugs for indoor and outdoor use, smart sensors and even smart products for personal care. Via a Wi-Fi network, you can remotely control all smart products via the alpina Smart home app, and thanks to the special Zigbee gateway, you also have the possibility of allowing some products and sensors to communicate with one another. Each alpina Smart home product is a real addition to your at home security system

Easy to install and operate

Installing and operating the products in the alpina Smart home range is very easy. You connect them wirelessly via the alpina Smart home app to your Wi-Fi network or to the Zigbee gateway. When the products are installed, you can operate them remotely and set them according to your preferences. This includes setting timetables for your smart lighting, the viewing angle of your wifi security camera and the sensitivity of your vibration and motion sensor. The Alpina Smart home app runs on the worldwide known and reliable Tuya Smart platform. Almost every product comes with fastening material or an extensive explanation on how to mount the product.

Energy saving and environmentally friendly

Smart products have a great effect on energy consumption and environmental friendliness in your home. They only work when you want them to and can be controlled remotely. The Alpina Smart Home range includes smart plugs that give you insight into your power consumption via the alpina Smart home app, but also smart lighting that you can connect to one of the motion sensors so that they switch on when movement is detected.