Return conditions

Don't want to keep your product? You have 30 days to revoke your order after receiving the complete order. After this revocation you have another 14 days to return the product to us.

Return conditions

To be eligible for a full refund on a return, the product must meet the following conditions. If you have used the product for more than is necessary to judge whether you wish to keep the product, we may charge a reduction in value: - Product: unused, undamaged, in original condition, complete with all included accessories. - Product packaging: undamaged, not described and original (if reasonably possible) without tape or (shipping) stickers.

Return application

You will need a return label from us for your return. You can email us at stating your name and order number. We will then send you more information on how to return your order.

Retaining the delivery note

Please note that the products have become your property upon receipt of the order and are therefore your responsibility. Are you sending them back? Make sure you receive a shipping note from the courier. This way you can trace the shipment and claim any loss or damage from the courier.